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siwon was with kangin and 2 managers, while hae and teuk is inside the pool.not long after that siwon going up to his room with 1 manager. he wore swimsuit n towel on his shoulder. hae teuk kangin and prince manager still around the pool. they played games tgt, 1st they do racing inside pool, kangin came to he finish line first while hae and teuk not moving at all hahaha...they want to do prank for kangin but in the end teuk said "yaaa ppalli ppalli :D then they do the other game, they holding their breath inside the water then leeteuk keep coughing after that ong ao funny !!! Kangin keeps saying "it hurts" i think either hae or teuk smack him. Donghae was wearing a long trainee pants to swim XD then coz it's all wet he use towel to cover his lower body and pull out his trainee pants >< he's laying on poolside chair for a moment before all of them finally go back to their rooms without wearing any slippers so they left all their foot steps all along the lift lobby mwahahaaha


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